RotoWire Philippines: Revolutionizing Fantasy Sports!

In the exploding world of sports betting in the Philippines, gaining an edge over the sportsbooks increasingly requires next-level insights and data. This is where a site like RotoWire becomes invaluable. Offering cutting-edge news, stats, and betting analysis across multiple sports, RotoWire has emerged as an essential tool for sharpening your handicapping and enhancing returns.

RotoWire stands as a leading figure in the realm of fantasy sports. Pioneering the concept of real-time fantasy sports news and player notes in 1997, they blazed the trail during the Internet’s nascent stages. This supremacy in quality has not gone unnoticed, bagging numerous industry accolades.


Esteemed industry giants like ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, DraftKings, and have forged partnerships with them, further testament to their credibility. As acknowledged members of the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association and the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, they frequently mark their presence in elite fantasy expert leagues, including USA Today Sports Weekly Baseball LABR league, Tout Wars, and many others.


  • First in the industry to introduce real-time player news in 1997.
  • Initiated the customized real-time cheat sheet in 1998.
  • Led the charge with a free online commissioner service in 1998.
  • Blazed the trail with the first fantasy sports magazine in print in 2000.
  • Introduced wireless player updates in 2004.
  • Launched the DFS lineup optimizer in 2012.

For those interested in collaborations, they supply top-notch sports content to some of the industry’s prime players.

The Journey of RotoWire

The year 1997 witnessed a groundbreaking move by three Northwestern graduates: Peter Schoenke, Jeff Erickson, and Herb Ilk. Their brainchild,, was designed to feed the insatiable appetite of fantasy sports enthusiasts with real-time updates. The overwhelming demand saw RotoNews being listed among the top ten sports sites, surpassing even

However, in 1999, the trio decided to sell RotoNews to a West Coast corporation, which unfortunately went bankrupt by 2001. Undeterred, the team pressed on, rebranding as and shifting from a free to a pay content model.

The same passionate team that built morphed into While welcoming new members, the core team comprising Peter Schoenke, Jeff Erickson, Chris Liss, and others, along with a vast network of writers, ensured the brand’s legacy continued.

Rooted in their original mission, they remain committed to offering timely and comprehensive information to fantasy players. Their journey might have witnessed a shift in the business model and seen competitors emerge, but RotoWire’s commitment to excellence remains unshaken.

RotoWire’s Betting Edge

RotoWire covers all major sports but stands out with its elite fantasy sports content and resources. The site provides:

  • Breaking News – Alerts on injuries, trades, signings and other developments that influence betting markets. Real-time updates keep you constantly informed.
  • Advanced Statistics – Detailed, constantly updated metrics and splits on teams and players for every sport. Identify betting value others miss.
  • Projections and Forecasts – Accurate projected point spreads, moneylines, game totals, player performance and more. Base wagers on hard data.
  • Expert Analysis – Legendary sportswriters provide insider perspective and identify upcoming betting opportunities.
  • Betting Picks and Tools – Daily game previews highlight smart wagers to make. Customizable projections aid betting research.

This wealth of real-time intel ensures RotoWire subscribers make better-informed picks across any sport.

RotoWire for Basketball Betting

Basketball is hugely popular among bettors in the Philippines. RotoWire arms you with an arsenal of hoops knowledge:

  1. NBA Coverage – Injury reports, rotations, statistical trends, referee assignments and expert picks give you an edge betting on NBA games.
  2. NCAA and WNBA – Extensive coverage of college basketball and women’s professional hoops provides betting angles.
  3. International Leagues – News and analysis on European basketball leagues and worldwide tours like the FIBA World Cup to discover value.
  4. PBA Action – RotoWire has eyes on the Philippine Basketball Association. Stay current on standings, injuries, streaks, coaching changes and gambling takeaways.

RotoWire subscriber and betting pro Kelly Stewart notes, “I love the NBA projections that quickly allow me to find the best betting opportunities. RotoWire is absolutely essential for basketball wagering.”

Dominating Football and Soccer Bets

For football betting, RotoWire brings together next-level insights from multiple experts:

  • NFL Betting – Injury reports, depth charts, comprehensive team and player statistics, weather forecasts, and the latest line movements to gain an edge on NFL wagers.
  • NCAA Football – Team power rankings, conference previews, game projections, and weekly betting takeaways provide a winning advantage.
  • Daily Fantasy Tools – Optimize DFS lineups with player projections, customizable cheat sheets, and more.
  • European Soccer – Get the latest odds, news, stats, and predictions on the EPL, La Liga, Champions League and other popular leagues and competitions.

RotoWire contributor Walter Cherepinsky says “I start my football handicapping prep with RotoWire. The depth of NFL information gives me total confidence in my wagers.”

Dominate March Madness and MLB Betting

RotoWire also pays big dividends during peak basketball and baseball betting seasons:

  1. March Madness – Assess tourney hopefuls with conference previews and NCAA bracket predictions. Game projections and updated odds guide wagering.
  2. MLB Handicapping – Injuries, lineups, bullpen usage, umpire tendencies, advanced splits, and day-by-day forecasts help beat baseball odds.
  3. Daily Fantasy Help – Optimal player projections across multiple sites like DraftKings make dominating DFS contests easier.

Get the insights needed to crush March Madness pools and tackle MLB moneylines, totals, and props with RotoWire in your betting toolbox.

Booming Esports, Golf, Tennis and Fantasy

RotoWire also satiates bettors’ growing appetite for emerging markets:

  • Esports – Projected match odds and player prop bets for League of Legends, CS:GO, DOTA and other popular esports titles.
  • Golf Betting – Course history, recent performance stats, DFS value picks and tournament model projections from renowned golf expert Len Hochberg.
  • Tennis Handicapping – Stats and predictions from renowned tennis writer Peter Szujewski help bettors attack matches worldwide.
  • Fantasy Sports – Industry-leading fantasy football and basketball coverage optimizes your season-long and DFS lineups.

PGA Tour pro Jason Sobel says “For golf betting, RotoWire is absolutely a must. The course history database provides such a leg up finding winners.”

bet365 football

Special Betting Tools

RotoWire equips subscribers with proprietary resources to enhance handicapping:

  1. Odds Comparison – View betting odds across legal sportsbooks for line shopping and finding discrepancies.
  2. Player Trends – Visualize comprehensive splits, performance metrics and statistical tendencies for all players.
  3. DFS Lineup Optimizers – Generate optimized daily fantasy rosters across multiple sites by plugging in RotoWire projections.
  4. Betting Calculators – Determine optimum bet sizes, payouts and implied probabilities to improve money management and value betting.

RotoWire Packages

RotoWire offers flexible subscription options to meet any budget and betting style:

  • RotoWire Premium – All sports covered, full access to every betting tool.
  • NBA Premium/MLB Premium – Position-specific projections for NBA or MLB.
  • Football Premium – NFL, college football, CFL and DFS covered.
  • Golf Premium – PGA projections, course history, model projected odds.
  • 1-Day Pass – 24 hour access to full premium.

Compared to gambling on incomplete information, leveraging RotoWire’s next-gen data for just $7-$15 more per month gives you an immediate betting edge.

RotoWire on the Go

RotoWire’s mobile app lets you harness predictive data from anywhere. Enjoy full premium access with breaking news alerts, customizable projections and betting tools on iOS and Android devices.


Still have questions? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is RotoWire worth the price for betting?

Absolutely. The depth of data and projections available far exceed free sites and sharply boost handicapping returns compared to the affordable subscription cost.

What sports does RotoWire cover best?

The NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, Soccer, College Hoops and DFS are particular strong suits, but every major sport and betting market is covered extensively.

Can I use RotoWire from the Philippines?

Yes, RotoWire provides global coverage and betting tools usable from anywhere. Much of the content focuses specifically on Filipino leagues like the PBA.

Does RotoWire recommend picks or bets?

RotoWire highlights smart bets in each sport based on projections, but ultimately leaves final wagering decisions up to you.

Is RotoWire easy to use and understand?

Absolutely. The site is clean, intuitive and enhanced by explainer videos. Beginners appreciate the simplified betting education while pros value the sophisticated predictive data.

If you’re serious about sports betting in the Philippines, integrating RotoWire into your handicapping process gives you an immediate edge. Use the promo code “RWPHIL” to get your first month of RotoWire Premium for just $1.

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